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Natural Gas & Electric Supply

  • Take control of your utility supply cost

  • Customize the best program for your business

  • Protection against utility rate hikes

Tax Incentives & Reductions 

  • Building Construction/Purchase Cost

  • Renovation Cost

  • Waste and Recycling

  • Workers Compensation

  • Merchant Services

  • Property Taxes

No-Cost Collections

  • Estimated 70% collection recovery rate

  • Gain 100% of payments pending

  • No commitment

  • 3 month trial

Utility Refunds

  • No cost for us to audit your utility bills & invoices

  • We have the power to go back four years to secure your refund

  • Only if we can secure a refund, do we share in the savings by a 50/50 split

Commercial Solar

  • Lower or eliminate your electric bill

  • Sell excess energy with net-metering

  • Protection against rate hikes, which average 5% for traditional utilities

  • Take advantage of 30% federal tax incentives

  • Reduce operational costs, starting in the first month

  • Take advantage of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)