Knowledge is Power

It is important to our team to create partnerships within the nonprofit sector, because we believe all organizations are entitled to cost-savings services. Our experience in the energy market has helped us to create a nonprofit program that improves our client’s bottom line by utilizing tax-related incentives nonprofits are entitled too & providing no-cost services to lessen operational spending. 

Our Nonprofit Vision: To stop overbilling towards nonprofits through education and energy awareness.

Energy Credits & Refunds for our Religious Partners

Your place of worship may be eligible for an energy bill refund, recovering up to 3-4 years (depending on State) of overpayments. We work with you to recover these billing mistakes and correct the utility bill for you moving forward. Our audit is different then a refund the utility company will conduct, as our team examines the taxes on each bill. Being a nonprofit, the type of taxes and the amount charged is sensitive and unique to your organization. You do not want to be overpaying this, and we are here to help!