Third Party Energy Supply

Deregulation in New Jersey allows homeowners to shop their electric and natural gas supply for a more competitive energy rate. We have partnered with SFE Energy to provide a way for homeowners to protect their energy price and secure that price for 24 months.

Solar Process

Schedule Site Survey- One of our solar consultants will educate you on the benefits of solar and the ease of the process. Our solar consultants will answer any questions you have, show you potential savings from your solar system, and walk you through the process. Here is a list of what you will need to schedule your commitment free site survey and start you on your journey to go green!

  • Recent copy of your utility bill (within the past 3 months)
  • Signed Solar Program Agreement
  • Completed Verification Call

Site Survey Completed- Our site survey technician will assess your house to determine if your roof gets enough sun and that your home’s structure is in suitable condition for solar. If qualified, your home is eligible for a no cost solar installation! For us to conduct a site survey we will need access to the roof, attic, and electric panel.

Design & Installation- Once design of your solar system has been completed, we submit the design to the local municipality and utility for review and approval. Permits can take 4-28 days depending on your township. When approval is received, we are ready to schedule the install of your solar system!

Activate the System- Congratulations! We have successfully installed your solar system. Once final inspections are completed, you will be ready to start saving money and saving the planet!

Solar Options

shingle solar suntegra us power

Solar Design and Installation

Solar Monitoring and Maintenance